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Forget Your Emotions, You’re Selling A House Not A Home.
(Taken from the Vancouver Sun)

Why do some homes sell right away and others seem to be on the market forever?

The properties that are on the market a long time and still unsold usually belong to sellers who are trying to sell a home, not a house. They try to get the purchaser to pay for all the emotions, hard work, improvements and cost of repairs that they have so enthusiastically put into their home.

They try to place a value on something that has no price. They let their emotions determine their asking price. This usually results in the asking price being so far over market nobody wants to buy it.

Successful sellers use common sense, not emotional sense. They realize they are selling a house, not a home, and price it accordingly.

The law of supply and demand determines value and demand is determined by buyers. Buyers buy houses.

They buy a house they get a good feeling for, but they also buy with their pocket book. They buy the house that best suits their needs and also appears to be the best buy compared to the other five to 12 houses they may look at.

They don’t pay for laughter, tears emotions or years of hard work. That’s why a lot of houses sell but a lot of homes don’t.

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